About Khazana

Our Roots

Khazana (the Urdu word for “treasure”) is a gallery, boutique, and community gathering space located in Minneapolis, MN. Owner Anju Kataria started collecting treasures from around the world as a child growing up in India and continues to travel globally to meet and work with passionate craftspeople. Supporting and connecting with local and international artists is at the core of every project at Khazana.

Anju has cultivated a Khazana family with friends of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. Most days are full of her homemade chai, Parle-G biscuits, curious new visitors, and lots of laughter from long visits with old friends.

Our Mission

At Khazana, we have relationships with our sources. We sustain traditional art forms by honoring their histories and paying fair wages to artists, thereby financing their longevity. We have the unique opportunity to work alongside artists and to influence new designs.

By sharing the history of the pieces we perfect sell, hosting programming with local and international artists, and collaborating with like-minded communities, we bring awareness to the hard work of craftspeople.

Our Story

I opened Khazana about 30 years ago with the vision of connecting my cultural heritage and the broader world of traditional and contemporary Indian art to Minneapolis. The driving force behind Khazana is to promote art from artisans and craftsmen who are doing amazing and beautiful work. This shop provides an opportunity to support a diversity of artists working in a variety of forms allowing them to market themselves and have their work shown to the broader arts community of Minneapolis and beyond. I am primarily interested in connecting artisans with patrons to foster a connection that benefits both parties. For example, a recent project we started was the Tree of Life. We pulled this together at the beginning of the COVID pandemic as a way to support artists who were being greatly affected and disrupted by the pandemic. Through this project we showcased and promoted a few selected artists and raised relief funds, providing much-needed relief for these artists and their families. This is a project we are passionate about and hope to expand on and grow as we move forward into 2021. In addition to all of this much of the work that inspires me, is work that draws both materially and conceptually from the natural world, work that is sustainable, and work that is connected to honoring traditional contexts/practices. We have a broad collection ranging from larger paintings/prints to hand-dyed textiles to artisan-made masks! We welcome everyone to explore the world we have brought here to Minneapolis through Khazana.

-Anju Kataria, Founder & Owner

Our Team

Anju Kataria

Owner + Founder

Nathan Christopher

Senior Artistic