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Your birth chart is a map of the sky at the exact time you were born. Imagine you are carrying that map inside of you at all times - those planetary positions will never change for you. It is almost as if you have an entire solar system frozen within you.


Your birth chart is a map of the sky at the exact time you were born. Imagine you are carrying that map inside of you at all times – those planetary positions will never change for you. It is almost as if you have an entire solar system frozen within you. While that alignment will never change, the actual planets in the sky are always on the move. Astrologers check the relationship between where the planets are currently in the sky at the time of consultation against your static solar system (or birth chart) in order to help develop a forecast for what is to come. The interactions formed between the current planetary movements and your static birth chart are what astrologers call transits.

To give you a taste of how the transits work I have written out a brief horoscope for all of the 12 signs of the zodiac for the holiday season here in the US. Most of you already know what your sun sign is. This is the sign you will typically look at when you check your horoscope in the very back of fashion magazines or on astrology websites. These horoscopes work best when read for your rising sign. Then, for further detail, check your sun and your moon signs. If you don’t know what those are yet, don’t worry – we will be going over these basics at Intro to Vedic Astrology. For those that are ready to dive in, you may calculate your chart here.

These readings are just for fun and are meant to be read as a general indication of the energies at play. For a more specific look at what is to come, please book a reading with me at my website: If you would like to learn more about your sign or about Vedic Astrology please join me at Intro to Vedic Astrology an event I will be hosting at Khazana on November 16th.

These forecasts will take us from today until approximately January 8th 2018.

Aries | The biggest shift for you will be when Saturn enters your house of career around December 20th of 2017. This will be huge for you as Saturn has been in your sign of higher learning and wisdom for the past two and a half years. This can be a big time for you career-wise. With these final weeks before the shift put in some extra work. Saturn rewards for hard work and perseverance, so if you have been working hard at your career then you might be rewarded well over the next couple of years. On the 18th of December the new Moon will be in your house of wisdom as well, highlighting the exact area of the chart where Saturn will be preparing to exit. This will be a time where you will very much want to expand your mind as well as your philosophy and may receive some assistance from elders to do so. While Saturn has been in your house of wisdom you may have had to learn difficult lessons regarding religion, philosophy or other cultures. This new moon will help to integrate some of those lessons and push you even further in your philosophical expansion.

Taurus | The full moon on November 4th is occurring in your sign. This is a great time to ask yourself what it is that you deserve to give to yourself. It is a time of meeting your own needs. This transit highlights the importance of nurturing yourself. Since October 10th you have been getting accustomed to Jupiter being in your house of partnership. While the full moon will bring a time to focus on treating yourself, Jupiter will continue to bring many opportunities to focus on partnerships and collaboration throughout the entire holiday season and through November of 2018. Another time to pay attention to is November 30th through December 24th when the ruler of your sign, Venus will be transiting the house of transformation. This will not only bring the potential for great transformations is partnerships and love, but it will also herald a time of deep personal transformation.

Gemini | The Full moon on December 3rd occurs in your sign. This is all about you and how you can give to yourself. This isn’t a time to look outward, instead search inward to find ways to nurture youreself. This is certainly a time to treat yourself regardless of how many people might be needing your attention right now! Saturn has been in your house of partnership for the past approximately two and a half years which has caused either the strengthening of relationship bonds or potential obstacles in relationships. Saturn’s shift to your house of transformation on December 20th will feel like somewhat of a relief in regards to your relationships with others, but will also bring the potential for huge transformations in the coming two and half years. Also word to the wise- Saturn in the house of transformation can very easily bring audits! So be extra careful with the preparation of your 2017 taxes!

Cancer | Jupiter entered your house of self-expression and romance on October 10th. During the holiday season you should be fully nestling into this energy. It is a great time to devote yourself to the things that bring you joy! The house of self-expression is also the house of children, so part of this pleasure could be derived from spending cozy times with your children or with young people in general. Like Taurus and Gemini, you will also be receiving the luck of a full moon in your sign over the holidays. This Cancerian full moon will occur on January 2nd. Full moons often bring the focus back on ourselves as sun, the planet of self is joining the moon. This is a wonderful time to give to yourself. In what areas are you not getting your needs met? How can you better fulfill your own needs in these areas? These will be incredibly important questions to ask yourself during this transit. The full moon in your sign will certainly support you in your efforts towards self love at the time.

Leo | You have had the shadow planet Rahu in your sign since May of this year which is huge in terms of personal transformation. Since then and until November of next year, there is a wealth of energy available for you to focus on your life path and destiny. This energy will of course be present during the holiday season as well and is important to note as this particular transit, while being wonderful for self-development, can often be challenging for relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but relationships of all kinds as you will feel more like focusing on your own path then on other people and their desires. Create space for yourself during the holidays by accommodating only those plans that do not stretch you past your energetic boundaries. You should also be very cautious of how you are treating your body at this time. Saturn will begin to transit your house of health after December 20th of 2017, which can oftentimes bring out any underlying physical weaknesses. This two and a half year transit is a great time for starting a new health routine or workout program, but it is better to pay attention to your health before this transit as Saturn is the planet of consequences!

Virgo | You have been planting some important seeds for future growth for the past two and a half years with Saturn in your house of emotions. This has been a deep time for emotional restructuring and developing emotional maturity. You may feel a sense of relief around December 20th when Saturn finally moves out of your house of emotions and into your house of pleasure and romance, but don’t get too excited! Typically Saturn in this house is a time where you will have less opportunities for the fun things in life. However, creative types should use this energy productively and get serious about their self-expression. Saturn is a planet of perseverance and hard work and Saturn will often reward you for your efforts. So these next two and a half years will be a time to prove you are serious! The full moon on December 3rd will bring your career into the spotlight. You may want to take things in an entirely new direction and may need to pay attention to your emotional reactions in regards to your career and reputation at this time. You may also be finishing up some career related projects during this period.

Libra | Jupiter has been in your house of resources since October 10th bringing you wisdom in the areas of your resources and finances. This will certainly help you to be more careful and wise with your holiday spending! Some of you may also find some new opportunities to increase their finances or your knowledge base in areas that interest you throughout this period which goes until November of 2018. You will be experiencing the January 2nd full moon in your house of career. This will be a time of tying up loose ends in the area of your career path as well as your reputation. You may also be in the middle of a battle between your conscious and subconscious longings regarding where to take your career. Full moon energy can be erratic, so you may want to wait until just a few days after the full moon to make any long-term commitments.

Scorpio | Jupiter has been in your sign since it left Libra on October 10th. For many of you Scorpios, this transit will be flooding your life with optimism and opportunities for success in all areas of your life until November of 2018. From the 7th of November until the end of the month Venus will be joining Jupiter in your sign. This will bring the potential for love and relationship activity for Scorpios ready to couple up. This transit brings relationships into focus and can help you to work on the give and take you have with all people in your life. This is a great opportunity to become more balanced in your dealing with others. The only issue with this conjunction is that you may have a tendency to oscillate between your worldly desires and your spiritual desires. Venus is here to teach you all about balance. With consciousness you can make the most of this transit, drawing from Venusian balance and Jupiterian wisdom. The new Moon will be happening in your sign on the 18th of this month with a full moon happening in your house of wisdom on January 2nd. The new moon is a wonderful opportunity to see what is not fulfilling your needs. You will likely let go of something at this time. The full Moon in January has the potential to present an opportunity for you to expand your belief system in a profound way.

Sagittarius | You will be going through a major transformation this holiday season starting with a new moon in your house of self on the 18th of December. This will be a wonderful time for you to get the things done that you know you are meant to do as well as to let go of things that are no longer working for you. This energy is a great compliment to Saturn who has already been hanging out in the house of self for awhile now. However Saturn will soon be exiting this sign for your house of finances on the 20th. This should come as a huge relief for you! Saturn has been in your house of self for around two and a half years. Saturn there can feel like a big weight on your shoulders. Saturn here can often create major restrictions, obstacles and a need for greater responsibility. If you aren’t one hundred percent ready for the lessons Saturn brings they can be painful. During Saturn’s stay in your sign you have learned to become more Saturnian- persevering, hardworking and objective. The new moon’s presence on the 18th will have definitely helped you to further develop those qualities- and don’t forget them. They will be important assets to have at the ready while Saturn transits your house of resources for the next two and half years bringing you big lessons in the area of finances and self-worth.

Capricorn | You will be experiencing a new moon in your house of secrets on the 18th of December which will present a wonderful opportunity to go within. This is a good time for any deep spiritual work as well and is a chance for you to spend quality time alone working on yourself, which you will now have the discipline to do. This is actually the perfect energy to help usher in Saturn’s transit from the house of secrets in your chart into your house of self, which will happen on December 20th of 2017. This will mark a two and half year period where Saturn’s lessons on responsibility, maturity and perseverance will be heightened. Saturn transits to the first house require you to become more Saturnian. This could be a wonderful opportunity for you to study the planet Saturn, especially if you have your natal Saturn in the sign of Capricorn as well. In that case this will be an extremely important time for you! Even with only transiting Saturn here, you will have a the great fortune of learning how to become more structured and disciplined in every area of your life including your physical health, so go easy on the holiday treats!

Aquarius | Aquarius, you have a beautiful full moon happening in your house of self-expression on December 3rd of 2017. This will be an excellent time for you in regards to relationships if you are committed to someone and ready to take things to the next level. Some of you may also see some very fated endings to relationships that were not working out for the long haul, as the full moon can often bring completion to the areas that it illuminates. This is a wonderful time to have fun and be carefree, simply enjoying the good things in life. You should also be feeling the expansive optimism of Jupiter, who has been in your house of career since October 10th of 2017. Jupiter here will bring good luck and optimism to most of you in the area of your career and reputation. You will benefit from the wisdom and grace of this transit until November of 2018.

Pisces | You will be experiencing a new moon on the 18th of November in your house of wisdom This moon will bring an opportunity to shift your spirituality in a profound way and could bring support from elders.. The house of wisdom is one of the most inspired houses alongside the house of self-expression where you will also be experiencing a full moon on the 2nd of January 2018. This full moon will offer the opportunity to make things a little more fun and exciting for relationships that are in a phase of deep commitment, but could be detrimental for relationships that are on the rocks. Jupiter has been in your house of wisdom since the 10th of October and will remain their until November of 2018. This will be a wonderful time to explore and expand in the areas of your belief system. Some of you may even decide to begin studying in a more profound way. Your dharmic houses are all lit up during this holiday season, so regardless of the specifics of your situation you should be feeling very inspired and passionate about aligning with your unique life purpose.

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

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