Durga Dhokra sculpture


Bronze Dhokra folk sculpture of Durga, the Hindu mother goddess, seated on her lion-tiger vahana or animal mount.

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Durga Dhokra sculpture $425.00

Durga is the mother goddess and most powerful form of female divine energy. This bronze folk sculpture of Durga shows her with multiple arms and seated on a lion-tiger, which is her vahana or animal mount. This Dhokra sculpture is made in the lost-wax bronze technique, which is an ancient form of metal casting in India and has been used for centuries in court, temple, and folk traditions. The artist makes a wax model which they then surround with clay to create a mold. The molten bronze is poured into the mold to form a one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture. The name Dhokra refers to a tribal community of metalsmiths in West Bengal and Odisha who are masters of this lost-wax casting technique.

Durga, 20th century, West Bengal or Odisha, India. Dhokra community. Bronze, lost-wax technique. 9 ½ x 6 inches.